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Master marketer and best-selling author Seth Godin says that companies that resist innovation are like brown cowsafter a while, they all look the same. If youve seen one brown cow, youve seen every brown cow there is to see. You dont notice them even when theyre standing on the side of the highway. They might as well be invisible.

But when a purple cow comes on the scene, it stands out at once. You cant take a brown cow and paint it purple, Godin explains. Purple cows are purple from the inside outor they might be blue from the inside out, as in the case of JetBlue Airlines, a company that meets Godins criteria for excellence.

What is Seth Godin trying to teach us about marketing this time? If Ive learned anything from Godin since his 1999 Permission Marketing, it is that he doesnt waste his readers valuable time. So Ive learned to listen to what he has to say. What does he have to say in Purple Cow? It all comes down to two words: Be remarkable.

I hope youre listening, too. Youre either a Purple Cow or youre not, says Godin. Youre either remarkable or invisible. Make your choice. I think you have made the right choice; otherwise, you wouldnt be taking the time to read this. Youve taken the first step toward becoming remarkable. This report will show you how to separate yourself from the millions of invisible brown cows on the Information highway.

When you finish this report, you wont be a brown cow any more. You may discover that youre not a purple cow either. You might be a blue cow, a red cow, or even a pink cow. But one thing is certain: Youll know what it takes to build the kind of list that can skyrocket your Internet business. Youll know what it takes to be remarkable.

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